Happy St. Paddy’s Day…

Sometimes, no matter how much you plan, things happen that alter all those well-laid out ideas and steps.  Today is Saint Patrick’s Day and we were originally scheduled to cook a couple of St. Paddy Day meals live on FOX 21 News with Craig Coffey for the FOXY Mom’s segments. Because it’s live, I always halve the recipes and cook half the night before in case we run out of time on air. That way I have a finished recipe to show. Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I also planned drinks and a few “accessories” for Craig and me to enjoy and wear.

Besides the prep work, there’s the choosing of the recipes, the pricing and pictures I need prior to going live. Sunday I started off my day getting prepared in the kitchen while mentally going through what I’d be doing on air.  Of course when Craig’s around, I never know what to expect when we’re live! (Ha!) Well, there was an unexpected event that happened (illness) which meant that Craig was going to need to be at the station today to co-anchor the morning show, which meant that he would not be filming with me. (He did call me as soon as he found out there was going to be a change in plans.)

So, today is Saint Patrick’s Day and I’ve already used up all my St. Paddy Day posts and instead of posting something totally unrelated to the day, I thought I’d share with you how my kitchen (and I) look when prepping. Not a pretty sight! Especially since I don’t fix my hair, do my makeup, or sometimes, even change out of my pajamas the day before a live show.

Going with the flow is what makes life easier to deal with and more fun. If every single time something happened that didn’t fit right into “my” plans, I got upset, well, I would not be a pleasant person to be around. I think that when you stay flexible, work around what’s happening, and have a good attitude, it makes all the difference.

We will be live on Tuesday instead and instead of freaking out and trying to change up all my recipes in one day, not to mention, not using the food I already bought, we will cook our St. Paddy Day recipes then. And yes, we’re going to wear the accessories and drink the Irish drinks a day AFTER St. Patrick’s Day. Because in the grand scheme of things…does it really matter? And it’s not like you can’t eat these foods on any other day than today.

And Justin, we hope your dad is doing ok and that he gets to feeling better real soon!





  1. Love this Paddy’s Day post, Tammy!
    As they used to say in the old days for something totally cool: “It’s the cat’s pajamas”! Ha!

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