The Night Before Christmas….With Cats in the House

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house

Our four cats were all prowling while hunting a mouse.

Our stockings once hung by the chimney with care,

But were now on the floor and probably bare (the cats).


We were comfy and warm, laying in bed,

While visions of great sales danced through my head.

Sleep would come easy since we had had a nightcap,

Mine was red wine, Paul had enjoyed beer on tap.


When all of a sudden we heard such a clatter,

We jumped from the bed to see what was the matter.

Out of the bedroom we flew like a flash,

To find a big pile of gift wrapping trash.


The presents were open without even a bow,

And I cursed and I shouted, while yelling “oh no!”

When what to my wondering eye did appear,

A little grey mouse that was trembling in fear.


The cats were all chasing it and so very quick,

I wasn’t amused, this was no comedy flick.

The cats looked at us as if the mouse were to blame,

Trying to convince us, they “thought” it a game.


Trashing the house, they felt was no sin,

Each cat had one thought and that was to win.

Scolding and yelling, and blaming them all,

I wanted to sleep and dream of the mall.


Paul looked at me as if to say, “Why even try?”

As I began to rewrap with a heavy sigh.

Last year’s fiasco should have been the main clue,

Knocking over the tree, which I had to redo.


As I wrapped and I muttered, “This is MY turf”,

I told those darn cats they’d be out on the roof.

If any more messes were to be found,

They’d be in the doghouse, like an old hound.


Looking for places for the presents to be put,

That little grey mouse ran right over my foot.

Screaming and shrieking, I fell down with a whack,

“Enough,” hubby uttered, scooping it up with a sack.


The mouse was now gone, it had really been scary,

Perhaps more wine would make me feel merry.

A couple of sips later, I was feeling the glow,

And thinking of thrift stores, where you don’t need much dough.


Headed back to the bedroom, I noticed the wreath,

And all the broken ornaments laying beneath.

Paul had jumped ship, and was now watching the telly,

Eating a midnight snack of PB and jelly.


“You know,” I told him, “I need a housekeeping elf,

And then maybe I’d have some time for myself.”

He laughed and he laughed and said, “Since we’ve wed,

Idle moments and resting is something you dread.”


Sipping more wine, thinking of tomorrow’s work,

Another loud crash, caused my body to jerk.

Paul said to me, “It was four cats YOU chose”,

So ignoring the sound, I let go of my woes.


Paul fell asleep with a snort, snore and whistle,

While I dreamed of kisses, while under the mistle.

And faintly I heard, though the cats weren’t in sight,

Meows exclaiming, “Merry Christmas, Good Night.”

photo credit: tuija2005 via photopin cc

photo credit: tuija2005 via photopin cc




  1. Oh, Tammy – You’re a poet too! I can just picture that whole scenario! I’m sure it wasn’t funny for you at the time, but it brought a little chuckle to my Christmas. Thank you for sharing and for the smiles. I wish you, Paul and family a wonderful Christmas eve and a CATastrophe free time for the rest of the holidays!

    Blessings From My Home To Yours! Colleen (& husband, Keith)

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