Room Temperature Or Refrigerator? (A Few May Surprise You)

Room Temperature or Refrigerator -

I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to food safety and have a tendency to toss items the second they hit the expiration date. (Even though they are most likely still perfectly good and safe.) I also wear gloves when handling chicken and am super aware of cross-contamination. So I thought I knew all the […]

Oven Baked Pickles (And More Recipes) For Super Bowl Snacking…

Oven Baked Pickles -

I could eat fried pickles until I burst, if they are GOOD fried pickles that is, cause I’ve had some bad ones that are greasy, soggy and/or not properly seasoned. But I really don’t like frying food in my kitchen because the odor bothers me and plus, well, we all know frying isn’t that healthy, though […]

Game Day Dips…Easy, Affordable & Delicious

Game Day Dips -

Over 100 million people will be watching the Super Bowl this year. I’m not a football watching person myself but I do love Super Bowl Sunday because of the commercials and all the food served at get-togethers. I personally try to make party foods that can be prepared ahead of time or that can cook in a […]

Swedish Sailor’s Beef & Potato Casserole – $10 or Less Meal


This recipe does take 3 hours to slow cook so you’d probably want to make it on the weekend, if you work out of the home. This makes a delicious meal for dinner, brunch or even breakfast! We all tasted this and everyone agreed it’s wonderful.

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken With Shallot Sauce – Less Than $3 Per Person

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken With Shallot Sauce -

I love this bacon-wrapped chicken recipe because it’s super flexible as far as some of the ingredients go, making it easy to keep the price down, depending on what’s on sale. You could serve this chicken as is, perhaps with a bit of butter drizzled over it or even your own white wine sauce but […]

Fresh Food Storage Ideas …27 Tips to Keep It Fresher for Longer

Fresh Food Storage Ideas -

According to National Geographic, the typical American family of 4, throws away an average of $1,484 worth of food every year. Oh my gosh! I have a few things I could use that money for during the year instead of just tossing it, don’t you? As much as I try to plan our meals, I found that […]

Brined Crispy Juicy Chicken With Honey-Horseradish Mashed Potatoes – $10.00 (or less) Meal


Brined Crispy Juicy Chicken Prep Time: 5 minutes Brine Time: 4-8 hours Cook Time: 1-1 1/2 hours Serves: 4 Cost: approx. $6.00 Brining the chicken makes it juicy. There are several ways to brine, and I do it the easiest way: with cold water and salt. The skin of the chicken blackens as the syrup/butter […]

Saving Money At The Grocery Store

saving money at the grocery store in colorado springs

It seems like there’s a new story or article on how to save money at the grocery store every week. I’ve always thought I was a pretty savvy shopper so didn’t pay much attention to the stories but lately I’ve been more conscientious, and let me tell you: I have been saving more money than […]

Beef Pot Roast With Veggies – Healthy and Inexpensive Meal for 4


This pot roast has a lot of flavor without a lot of fat. You know, I usually cook my roast with potatoes but I am trying to incorporate more of a variety of vegetables in our diet this year so I’m using turnips instead. If you mix some familiar with unfamiliar (veggies), your family might be more inclined to try something new.

“Good-Luck” Foods For a Lucky New Year

"Good-Luck" Foods For a Lucky New Year -

I’m from the south and one of our New Year traditions for “good luck” is to eat black-eyed peas. If black-eyed peas aren’t something you like to eat, here’s 10 more foods that are thought to bring you good luck for the following year. *And if for some reason you choose to smash a pomegranate […]