Fresh Tomato Beef Ragu – Easy, Delicious & Less Than $3 Per Person (Plus Gluten-Free Version)

Gluten-Free Fresh Tomato Beef Ragu -

As some of you have read, I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, which has made me have to rethink a large bulk of the meals I make. And since I would rather eat a piece of plain old white bread versus a decadent piece of chocolate, this has been while not hard, a bit challenging. And pasta? […]

Build A Better Salad For Optimal Nutrition (And Save A Bit Of Money)

Build a Better Salad -

I have a dear friend who has been trying to eat healthier and exercise more often, and hopefully lose a few pounds in the process. She called me the other day in a frustrated mood because after eating salads for two weeks, she had actually gained weight (and she said it sure wasn’t muscle weight […]

When To Buy Organic…And When It’s NOT Necessary


Eating organic fruits and vegetables is good for you and much safer but most times more expensive, often costing as much as twice (or even more) than non-organic fruits and vegetables. So what’s a family on a budget to do?

We Love Animal Print, Chips & Salsa…And Margaritas

T and A on a Budget -

Joining me today for a discussion of how to wear animal print is my good friend Ashley, who gives some excellent tips on basic do’s and don’ts. We began the discussion before filming when I had told her about a woman I had seen at the grocery store who had on some really cute pieces […]

Grilled Corn Chowder – ($10 or Less Meal)


Corn is so plentiful this time of year, nice and fresh, and very cheap! You can use half-and-half or milk, depending on your tastes. I choose based on price because I think they both taste great. I’ve eaten a lot of different corn chowder in my life but I like this version for the summer […]

20 Money Saving Tips at the Grocery Store

how do you figure food cost

I’ve written several posts on different ways to save at the grocery store…which can be one of the places families spend the most money. Here’s a few more ideas….

I’m Excited About….Ice Cube Trays!


Today’s topic? Ice cube trays and nontraditional ways to use them. You can get a pair of ice-cube trays from any store, the Dollar tree sells them for $1.00, or even find them at thrift stores.

Tilapia & Crab Roulade with Long Grain & Wild Rice with Carrots and Squash – $10 or Less Meal


Wow…that title sounds like a lot of good food for under $10.00 for a family of four…but it’s true! The word roulade simply means rolled. It looks (and sounds) fancy but it’s really easy. But if you don’t want to roll the tilapia, you can mound the crab stuffing on top of the fish and it […]

Should You Peel That? (And How to Use Those Peel Scraps)

Should You Peel That? -

I’m a fan of not peeling certain fruits and vegetables because I actually like the taste and texture of the peel and I know that a lot of times, it’s actually the skin of the produce that contains most of the vitamins and nutrients. But there are certain fruits and vegetables that you do want to […]

Homemade Peach Pie with Homemade Piecrust…Easy, Delicious & Costs Abouts $8.00

Homemade Peach Pie -

I’m a pretty decent cook if I do say so but desserts have never been something I was good at. And since I’m not a big dessert eater, I guess I just never really tried to master sweets. And I know that if I was baking up yummy dessert recipes on a regular basis, I’d […]