St. Paddy’s Irish Beef Stew….Slow Cooker Recipe That’s Easy & Inexpensive


I found and made this delicious hearty Irish Beef Stew last year for the first time and it’s oh so good!

Spicy 4-Bean Crock Pot Chili – $10 or Less Meal

Spicy 4-Bean Crock Pot Chili - $10 or Less Meal -

Some people like meat in their chili, some prefer just beans and then there are some, like my husband and me, who likes both meat and beans. But we’ve been trying to eat less meat lately so I made up a batch using 4 different types of canned beans we had in the pantry and […]

Spaghetti in Red Wine – &10 or Less Meal

Spaghetti in Red Wine - &10 or Less Meal -

I love red wine and I could eat pasta every single day so when I saw this recipe for spaghetti cooked in red wine, it was a no-brainer that I had to try it. I especially enjoy when I can find a recipe that looks a bit daunting or expensive and I can figure out a […]

Chinese Pork Dumplings…Perfect for Chinese New Year & Less Than $10

Chinese Pork Dumplings...Perfect for Chinese New Year & Less Than $10 -

Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year falls on Thursday, February 19th this year. One way people celebrate is by eating Chinese dumplings. I had never made these before and after studying lots of recipes and different methods for making the dumplings, decided to give them a try. […]

Salmon En Croute


This is my all time favorite “go to” recipe for when we have company over or I want to cook a special meal for my husband. I have been using this recipe for the last nine years but don’t know where I got it from because it’s copied on a piece of notebook paper. It’s elegant looking, super easy to make, fairly inexpensive (depending on salmon prices) and delicious!

Mocha Truffle Cake….Easy & Fairly Inexpensive Valentine Dessert


(Photo: Kate Sears; Styling: Gerri William) I actually made this Mocha Truffle Cake last year for Valentine’s Day and it was delicious! The price per serving (last year) was about 66 cents but might be slightly more this year with grocery prices having gone up. It’s easy and oh so good…..

Roasted Radishes…Seriously Delicious (And Easy)…Who Knew?

Roasted Radishes -

The radish…an edible root vegetable that while I enjoy eating, I’ve always considered more of just a garnish or something to add to a green salad for color and crunch. I’ve never even thought about the nutritional benefits of the simple, and usually very cheap, radish. Nor had I ever even thought of eating them […]

Valentine Meal For Two….Filet Mignon with Shallot Butter, Potatoes & Creamed Spinach…Less Than $20


Perfect for Valentine’s Day! This meal is hearty yet we lightened up some of the ingredients so it’s not as heavy in fat. This meal takes about 25 minutes and cost about $16.oo for 2 servings.

Cauliflower “Rice”…Easy, Healthy & Delicious

Cauliflower "Rice" -

I am a white rice/white pasta/white bread loving woman. I like my starchy, bad for you foods on occasion and since I really do eat them in moderation, I don’t think it’s that bad for me. I also like vegetables a lot, which I eat more of than anything else, so when I saw this […]

Last Minute Game Day Food & Decoration Ideas….On The Cheap


  Having friends and family over for Super Bowl Sunday can be fun but expensive. If you’ve got guests coming and still need to pick up items, here’s a few easy ways to save money….. 1. Make Your Own Party Trays – Party trays are convenient to pick up but can cost up to twice […]