Vegan, Vegetarian or Carnivore…Fabulous Burger Recipes You Can Try


I’m a meat-lover, I admit. I prefer making burgers at home versus fast-food ones, which I very rarely eat. For most of my life I only made beef burgers but over the past two years have begun experimenting with other, healthier ingredients (even though I still prefer my beef!) Just recently I made chicken burgers […]

Homemade Peach Pie with Homemade Piecrust…Easy, Delicious & Costs Abouts $8.00

Homemade Peach Pie -

I’m a pretty decent cook if I do say so but desserts have never been something I was good at. And since I’m not a big dessert eater, I guess I just never really tried to master sweets. And I know that if I was baking up yummy dessert recipes on a regular basis, I’d […]

Homemade Lemonade…Refreshing, Easy & Inexpensive

Homemade Lemonade -

I’ve never been a huge fan of homemade lemonade, usually finding it overly sweet or too tart. The few times I have made it, the proportions were off and it tasted just ok, and not really worth the effort. But, the other day I saw a recipe in Everyday with Rachael Ray magazine (the August 2014 edition,) and […]

Grilled Corn Chowder – ($10 or Less Meal)


Corn is so plentiful this time of year, nice and fresh, and very cheap! You can use half-and-half or milk, depending on your tastes. I choose based on price because I think they both taste great. I’ve eaten a lot of different corn chowder in my life but I like this version for the summer […]

What’s For Dinner? 10 Phone Apps To Help You Decide app

Here’s 10 apps you can use to help you come up with ideas for dinner.

Super Easy Pickled Vegetables…No “Canning” Involved!

photo credit: ZakVTA via photopin cc

A couple of summers ago I tried my hand at canning pickled vegetables (and other things.) I had great success but it was a lot of work and ended up having to get a cortisone injection in my elbow from all the repetitive lifting (jars in and out of water bath, etc.) Then I tried […]

Healthy Summer Snack Ideas

photo credit: Darwin Bell via photopin cc

Looking for summer snacks that are healthy, budget-friendly and easy? Here’s a ton of ideas that are not only better for you but yummy…so much so that the kids (and you) won’t even mind they’re good for you! There’s 30 different blogs offering up vegetable, fruit, smoothie, cheese and sweet recipes that are so simple […]

Homemade Pasta with Basic Pecan Pesto or Fresh Tomato Sauce (Who Knew It Was So Easy?) – $10 or Less Meal


Homemade Pasta with Basic Pecan Pesto or Fresh Tomato Sauce (Who Knew It Was So Easy?)

Mangoes – “The King of Fruit”…..(Helps with Cancer, Vision, Heart, Brain, Digestion & Immune System)

photo credit: Paolo Marco via photopin cc

Here’s a great article spotlighting the health benefits mangoes have, including ways they can help with cancer, vision, heart, brain, digestion and the immune system.

When To Buy Organic…And When It’s NOT Necessary


Eating organic fruits and vegetables is good for you and much safer but most times more expensive, often costing as much as twice (or even more) than non-organic fruits and vegetables. So what’s a family on a budget to do?