Spicy Cornmeal-Crusted Catfish with Collard Greens and Bacon ($10 or Less Meal)


This Southern fare is fairly healthy…..The catfish has a crunchy coating with a flaky inside and the collard greens are delicious! Believe me, if you’ve never tasted collard greens, this is the recipe to try. And if you have had them before and didn’t like them, give them one more taste with this….so good! Both recipes are quick and easy to prepare and the entire meal (with corn on the cob) comes in at $8.97 for a family of four.

Cooking with FOX 21’s Craig Coffey | Potato Soup and Spicy Cornmeal-Crusted Catfish


If you tune into FOX 21 news this morning, you will see hourly segments I am filming with Craig Coffey. Today’s recipes are a hearty and chunky potato soup and a spicy cornmeal-crusted catfish

Tofu….Full of Anti-Cancer Properties & Tips On How To Buy and Cook

photo credit: roboppy via photopin cc

Delicious! And I couldn’t tell it was tofu instead of eggs, except for the fact that I put tofu in instead of eggs!

Hidden-Veggie Treats…..


Sauerkraut and chocolate? Sounded like nothing I’d ever tried or tasted so I just had to find out how they tasted.

Spicy Coconut Shrimp with Mango-Basil Salsa & Lime Jasmine Rice – $10 Or Less Meal


Just the name of this meal makes me think of beaches, warm winds blowing, and tropical trees swaying. I have had this recipe marked for over a year to try and thankfully, I finally got around to trying it!

Spicy Corned Beef Reubens With Oven-Fried Potato Chips

spicy corned beef ruebens-1

These amazing Reuben sandwiches are so easy to make, and if you do some homework, inexpensive, too!

Easy Saint Patrick’s Day Drinks


I’m not a mixed drink kind of girl, but these Shimmering Shamrock and Lucky Leprechaun drinks were delicious!

Flavorful Bangers & Mash

bangers and mash-1

There isn’t anything bland about this new take of the traditional Irish Bangers and Mash.

Irish Potato Candy

irish potato candy-1

Here’s a sweet treat for St. Paddy’s Day that doesn’t take long to make. It’s called Irish Potato Candy but there’s no potatoes in it.

Irish Bread Pudding Recipe & Irish Coffee (Perfect For St. Paddy’s Day) – Serves 12 for $10.92


This Irish Bread Pudding is perfect for serving on St. Patrick’s Day and it’s so easy, even a “non-baker” like me can whip it together. This makes enough for 12 servings which is perfect for a large celebration, or lots of leftovers.

PLUS, an easy recipe to make Irish Coffee, perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or really, any day!