Sausage with Lentils & Kale – $10 or Less Meal (Rich, Hearty, 30-Minutes & Gluten Free)

This dish is so darn good and easy to make. Everything cooks in less than 30 minutes and while the list of ingredients might seem extensive, they are for the most part, things you probably already have on hand. Lentils are rich and satisfying, the kale mixture is full of flavor, and with the sausage […]

Fish Tacos With Lime Aioli Sauce – $10.00 (or less) Meal…Can Be Made Gluten Free Too

This awesome taco recipe utilizes the inexpensive Talapia Tammy found in her Wednesday Coupons and Deals. These tacos can feed a family of 4 for less than $10, TOTAL!

Uses For Virgin Coconut Oil

Just as with olive oil and castor oil, coconut oil is a product that has multiple health and beauty uses that doesn’t cost a lot of money. Virgin coconut oil can be used on your hair, skin, and even as a weight-loss supplement. As long as the oil has been cold pressed and has no […]

How To Make Inexpensive Floral Arrangements & $10 or Less Gluten-Free Pizza

I love having floral arrangements scattered throughout our house, especially when we entertain, but I don’t like the expense of them. Today Ashley and I show you how to make some quick, easy, and affordable arrangements using flowers from the grocery store mixed with items from my yard. All of the vases we use, including […]

Spaghetti Pie – Easy, Delicious & Less Than $5 (And A Few Mishaps)

Have you ever tried a new recipe and it just didn’t come out right? Well, this recipe was one of those. But, I was able to salvage the first “mess-up,” and then make it work by adding a simple ingredient. I will say, the first pie that didn’t work, still tasted fabulous and my husband […]

Pepperoni & Pepper Stromboli – $10 or Less Meal

This pepperoni and pepper stromboli is so easy to make and delicious. You can easily substitute different cheeses if you prefer or if red bell peppers are pricey, just use a green bell pepper. I made this for a fantasy football draft my husband had at the house and the guys loved it. You can serve this […]

Saving A “Failed” Dessert (And An Awesome Chocolate Torte Recipe)

Have you ever tried a new recipe and the end result didn’t quite turn out or look like the beautiful picture that accompanied the recipe? I’m willing to bet it’s happened to most of us at least once…or twice. The other day my husband had a group of guys over for their Fantasy Football draft […]

Labor Day Cookout…..Host A Hot Dog/Ice Cream Bar….Easy & Inexpensive..And A Hungry Bear!

I recently read an article about Nora Ephron (she wrote, among many screenplays, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Julie & Julia). A lot of the quotes I read from her friends talked about the fun parties she threw. And one particular party was mentioned most…when she threw a cookout and served hot dogs with lots of different toppings. And then had to throw my own hot dog party.

Versatile Fruit Crumble/Cobbler

This is another item you can make with whatever fruit you like and have an abundance of. You can also mix the fruits up. I made a pear & plumb crumble that was out of this world. You can add ice cream or whip cream if you want, or sprinkle a few nuts over it […]

Watermelon Gazpacho – Refreshing, Easy, Vegan & Gluten-Free

I’ve seen some good deals on watermelon lately and while I enjoy eating it simply sliced up, we have a hard time eating an entire watermelon with just two of us in the house. I recently saw a recipe for watermelon gazpacho on my friend JL’s Facebook page that she shared from that you can make […]