Ristorante del Lago – Fabulous Italian Food at The Broadmoor (That’s Affordable!)

Ristorante del Lago at The Broadmoor - 719woman.com

My husband and I had been dying to visit the newest restaurant at The Broadmoor (in Colorado Springs,) Ristorante del Lago, so for our anniversary last week, we went. When you hear The Broadmoor, a lot of us, who are on budgets, might think, “out of our budget,” but we had one of the most enjoyable evenings […]

Can An Omnivore Enjoy A Vegan Cooking Lesson? (And Will It Taste Good?)

Can An Omnivore Enjoy A Vegan Cooking Lesson? - 719woman.com

Back in February 2013, I met my friend JL Fields after she moved to Colorado Springs from New York. She had reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in teaming up for a vegan cooking video, and even though I’m not vegan, I immediately said yes. (I’m always open to learning something new!) I hadn’t […]

Easy Homemade Pizza – $10 Or Less Meals


Another fabulous recipe you can custom-design to your liking. With the toppings I added, two pizzas came in at a little over $8. This would obviously change, depending on what you add. Easy Homemade Pizza – Prep Time: about 1 hour, which includes dough rising Cook Time: 10-15 minutes Serves: 4 for approx. $8.06 Basic […]

Spaghetti Pie – Easy, Delicious & Less Than $5 (And A Few Mishaps)

Spaghetti Pie - 719woman.com

Have you ever tried a new recipe and it just didn’t come out right? Well, this recipe was one of those. But, I was able to salvage the first “mess-up,” and then make it work by adding a simple ingredient. I will say, the first pie that didn’t work, still tasted fabulous and my husband […]

Make Your Own Frozen Veggies…Saves Money &Time…And Tastes Great!


I saw Roma tomatoes on sale at Safeway this week for 79 cents lb, which is an excellent price, so I wanted to stock up on them but knew they’d go bad before we could eat all of them so I decided to freeze them. I’ll use them for sauces, stews, soups and casseroles. Of course […]

Fettuccine With Mushrooms – ($10 Or Less Meal)


This is an easy, inexpensive and quick meal that’s rich without being full of heavy (fattening) creams and tons of butter.

2 Ingredient Cakes – Seriously, Only 2 Ingredients

2 Ingredient Cakes - 719woman.com

I’ve mentioned many times that even though I’m a fairly good cook, I’m not that great of a baker. So when I saw this article in the Huffington Post about making cakes with only two ingredients, I immediately went to the grocery store and bought what I needed to try a couple of them out. Two […]

Versatile Fruit Crumble/Cobbler


This is another item you can make with whatever fruit you like and have an abundance of. You can also mix the fruits up. I made a pear & plumb crumble that was out of this world. You can add ice cream or whip cream if you want, or sprinkle a few nuts over it […]

Easy Refrigerator Jam (No Canning Necessary)


This is a super fast and easy way to use up summer’s delicious fruits. This jam will stay good in the fridge for up to 3 weeks. If you make this to give away, make sure you label it with the date and that it needs to stay refrigerated since we’re not sealing the jars […]

Labor Day Cookout…..Host A Hot Dog/Ice Cream Bar….Easy & Inexpensive..And A Hungry Bear!


I recently read an article about Nora Ephron (she wrote, among many screenplays, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle, Julie & Julia). A lot of the quotes I read from her friends talked about the fun parties she threw. And one particular party was mentioned most…when she threw a cookout and served hot dogs with lots of different toppings. And then had to throw my own hot dog party.