Watermelon Gazpacho – Refreshing, Easy, Vegan & Gluten-Free

Watermelon Gazpacho - 719woman.com

I’ve seen some good deals on watermelon lately and while I enjoy eating it simply sliced up, we have a hard time eating an entire watermelon with just two of us in the house. I recently saw a recipe for watermelon gazpacho¬†on my friend JL’s¬†Facebook page that she shared from veganmos.com that you can make […]

Pad Thai – $10 or Less Meal (SO Easy & Delicious)

Pad Thai - $10 or Less Meal - 719woman.com

I love this recipe because it’s quick, easy, cheap, and oh so versatile. Prior to being diagnosed with celiac disease I made this with regular dried spaghetti or linguine and soy sauce. If you’re gluten sensitive you can easily substitute gluten-free pasta and soy sauce, which will raise the price a bit. The first time […]

Zucchini…Two of My Favorite Recipes (Easy & Cheap)


Some friends of ours gave us a huge zucchini from their garden (thanks Chris and Ruby) and I needed to use it before it went bad. My husband just so happened to be having a fantasy football draft here at the house with a bunch of other fantasy football “fanatics” so I decided to make them a couple of my favorite zucchini recipes. These are super easy and inexpensive….

Natural Beauty Products From Your Kitchen & Crustless Quiche ($6.24 Feeds 4)

Natural Beauty Products From Your Kitchen - 719woman.com

I love today’s episode in which I show Ashley all the fabulous but cheap kitchen foods you can actually use as beauty products. Most of these items are probably in your kitchen already and when compared to what you’d pay for beauty products at the store, well, you can save a bundle. The products are […]

Basic Fried Rice – $10 or Less Meal

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This is a basic fried rice that’s delicious as is but it’s also a great recipe to use for leftover veggies and or meats.

Cantaloupe Safety Tips & A Fabulous Melon Salsa To Try… (And More Tips On How To Clean Produce To Prevent Getting Sick)


Some tips on how to make sure your cantaloupe is safe, plus a delicious salsa recipe!

Fresh Herbs…Buy Now For The Fall & Winter Months…And Root Some In Water


My point of this is that if you want fresh herbs, which are a heck of a lot cheaper if you grow them yourself instead of buying at the grocery store, you should shop for them sooner rather than later.

Deli and Veggie Appetizer….Easier to Make Than I Thought


We went to a party the other night and had been asked to bring an appetizer so I decided to try something I had never done before…a deli and vegetable bouquet. I had never attempted to make anything like this before, it just looked really complicated but when done in small steps, it was easier than I thought, but still a bit time-consuming…worth it though when everyone exclaimed over it! I found this little book called Appetizer & Snack Bouquets at a book fair (published by CQ Products) that helped me put this together.

Super Easy Pickled Vegetables…No “Canning” Involved!

photo credit: ZakVTA via photopin cc

A couple of summers ago I tried my hand at canning pickled vegetables (and other things.) I had great success but it was a lot of work and ended up having to get a cortisone injection in my elbow from all the repetitive lifting (jars in and out of water bath, etc.) Then I tried […]

Spicy Tomato-Poached Eggs With Kale & Pita – $10 or Less Meal


This recipe was in the April 2014 edition of EveryDay with Rachael Ray and it looked so different from my typical meals, I decided I had to try it. (If I could get it in at $10 or less, which happily I did.) This spicy tomato poached eggs, “shakshuka,” is a Middle Eastern dish which can be served for breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner.