Cooking On FOX 21’s Foxy Moms With Craig Coffey…Watch It Live

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I love when Craig Coffey (from FOX 21 News Foxy Moms) comes to the house to “help” me cook. We whipped up a couple of healthy but delicious meals for less than $10 for a family of 4, and created a couple of recipes using oranges, which are super cheap right now. Cooking with Craig is always fun and it’s hard to keep a straight face sometimes! And yes, in case you’re wondering, that is a wig I’m wearing.

Here’s the show in case you missed it…




    I think being in my 50’s is the best decade yet!
    (Looks like you’re enjoying it too. 🙂

    Great show, Tammy! (Your hair looked great!) Just sorry that I missed the orange-glazed pork one. The link for it above didn’t seem to work for me for some reason. The first two links showed up as the same salad/rice/beans one – which looked amazing, by the way! What a deliciously different idea to add rice to a salad. I never thought of doing that before.

    Hope you had an awesome day!
    (From your Canadian fan in White Rock, B.C.)

    • Thank you Colleen! (It was a wig I wore by the way!!) Had several people tell me they tried the pork and loved it. Craig and Mike (the cameraman) ate ALL the Tuscan chicken and beans they liked it so much.

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