Valentine Dollar Deals….Nothing Over $10….Most Only $1

I love all these valentine gifts you can give or keep (I bought some for myself because I liked them and they were super cheap!). If you have a friend you enjoy exchanging little gifts with, any of these would be perfect. A lot of these would make cute hostess gifts too. I found some great deals for a dollar and then for a few bucks more, some other great deals. Nothing’s over $10…these are great for daughters, mothers, teachers, a special someone ….or again, for yourself!


This glass vase and bottle were a dollar each at the Dollar Tree. I put the shoe cork in the vase just to see if it would fit (it was a gift so I don’t know where it came from but any larger sized cork would fit if you wanted). The bottle comes with a message inside that says “I Love You”, which you could pull out and personalize. The heart-shaped vase could be used to hold a few flowers, bath salts, or even red jelly beans. I found similar red glass bottles and vases for $3.99 and up at other stores.


Another Dollar Tree find that looks like any other Valentine coffee cup being sold at the more expensive stores. You could add a small bag of coffee or fill it up with Hershey Kisses and tie a ribbon around it.


I found these cute waffle towels at Target for $2.00 (for two). This would make a cute hostess gift or put it in your own kitchen for a bit of “holiday” feel. You could wrap some homemade cookies in this, tie a ribbon around it, and give it to a teacher or coworker too.


I found this “My love forever” book, filled with poems and quotes at the Dollar Tree and thought it would make a nice card for my husband. You can personalize the pages that have personal meanings between you and your honey.


These boxes make great containers for gift giving. You can also fill them with candy or nuts….I put a small glass of water in the box-shaped container and then put flowers in it for a cute vase. Also good for transporting/gifting homemade goodies. (These are Dollar Tree purchases).


I’ve featured these bath rose petals before (from the Dollar Tree) and I can’t tell you how many people I have gifted these with since finding them. I saw some on Amazon (which I’ll show you later) that were $6.99…these are a dollar. And they come in pink, white and red.


I buy and use these magnetic note pads all the time and “change-up” my fridge with seasonal ones. I typically add these to little hostess baskets I sometimes make. Only a dollar (at the Dollar Tree and Target). For fun, these heart-shaped scatters can be scattered on the dining table, coffee or end tables, in lunch boxes, in an envelope…just for fun.


I’ve seen these at the Dollar Tree before but never picked one up because I didn’t think it would work. This is a “folding” vase that when filled with water, expands and holds your flowers. When you’re finished, toss out the water, let dry, and it’s easy to store till the next time. This also comes with little gel tablets that claim to keep your flowers fresher longer.


This really did hold the water….I filled it up, let it sit overnight and there was no leakage. I then tossed the water, let it dry and repeated the process, and it worked just as well as the first time.  A clever idea…


If you’re having a party or perhaps your child’s class is, these plates and napkins are cute and cheap. (They also had matching cups at the Dollar Tree). For a dollar, you get 20 napkins or plates.

And for a few bucks more….

1This heart-shaped rosebud mirror is only $2.80 at Forever 21 and comes with one magnetic side and one classic side.

2Here’s a different set of rose bath petals for $6.99 for a set of 12….it does come in a heart-shaped box versus the Dollar Tree version.

3I haven’t tried this brand personally but I keep seeing it in my fashion/beauty magazines and want to. And I just like the name…B.Witching Bath Co. One-hundred Roses Foaming Bubble Bath….sounds fabulous for $9.95!

So if you need or want to give a small Valentine gift to someone, these are all fun ideas for under $10….most only a dollar. Or buy something for yourself.

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